Monday, December 17, 2007

deck the halls with boughs....

In December Christmas comes and at last I can get rid of my math.

I am most happy to say that I have finished my schoolwork a few days ago. Well, nearly all of it. We are to go to Singapore in three days time. I think it is quite settled that we are going to Singapore almost every year. I think I prefer to stay in Malysia.

Alas! My dog ran away on Saturday. But, my father found her again though he was late for his annual dinner. She, my dog, squeezed through the grill, then through the gate and was left wandering around for and hour.

As you have read in my brother's blog, we have set up the christmas tree which has given me this disturbing itch. It is filled with little ceramic angels which my mother and I have painted. And one thing I have realised is that if you have astigmatism, the lights look nicer.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Great Expectations

As you read, I was terribly excited on going to Maxwell Hill. The real trip was not one I was imagining at all.

The difference from the first trip was that Dashel came instead of Sonia, and altogether the group hiking up Maxwell would make thirteen rather than ten. Oh yes, there was an extra day in between the train arrival in Taiping and we didn't have a day free between hiking down and going to the train station. The part about going home wasn't bad. Actually, I think it was a relief.

The first day. At last we arrived at the Taiping train station after a delay. We crammed ourselves in two cars, one a taxi and the other my auntie's car. The first night, we stayed at my grandmother's house.

The second day, we were noisily awoken by Ken's singing and the voice of Ting Yang. We had to wake up at eight because my cousins wanted to go to the CC. And so, we hurriedly got up and made our way to the cyber cafe. There, we slowly let time pass for three hours before we got back into the REAL world. After that, we went back to my grandmother's house to pack our things and got to Pe-King hotel. There, we were met by Amy and her friends. We played Taboo. Soon they left and then we decided to go to the CC again. There we whiled away another two hours and and then were called by Amy to eat at a certain restaurant Prima. The group met her and her brother, James. Dinner was soon over and we spent the night at the hotel.

The next day we woke up and hiked up Maxwell. On the way up Amy sprained her ankle and Ken fell on his back. The group reached the top and decided to settle on card games.

Well, there isn't much to be talked about up in Maxwell hill, is there? Maybe just that Amy and James took a jeep down because they had no clothes. And maybe that we played Bohnanza more than the last trip and that my brother kicked somebody so that he cried and yes, I didn't fall sick this time!

We hiked down. Went to the CC again. Went home by train and slept the whole way to awake on Saturday and feeling the burden of going to class for two hours.

Let me round the whole thing up by saying that I was disappointed. This time, I was bored on the train and not at all excited by getting the top bunk. By the way, got the picture from Daniel.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Four Hours Away

Taiping is just four hours away. My mother was watching us just now and she said that my brother and I were just waiting off the seconds.

I have waited since 7:30 am and I' m still waiting. But somehow, it doesn't totally register in my mind that we're leaving for Kl Sentral in three hours. And, I don't feel that terrible boost of excitement I usually experience. I think I am excited. Is it such excitement that I don't even feel it?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Alot Of Waiting

My mother has to do this Cadbury storytelling thing for less fortunate children once a month. She has been doing this for this month and last, last, last month which would be August. You get money if you help out or do the presenting.

In September my brother, Ethan and Elliot did the story telling. I think it was a bad experience for them. I was the helper. You could hear chants varying from 'Oh my God', to 'Elliot, why did you have to be so terrible' and ' I will never do this again'. They were saying all this since Elliot was blundering around when he had to rehearse to the Cadbury guy. They were especially like that because the guy was hinting that he couldn't even understand why they were hired. I wanted to go since I didn't go to the first one my mother did. I also wanted to go because it was Jian Eu, Ethan and Elliot's first time.

That was a long time ago.

Last Saturday, I went on my first storytelling which had my mother as storyteller. It was terrible. The boss of Cadbury was supposed to be there. That's why the Cadbury people didn't hire Jian Eu, Ethan and Elliot. Sorry, but I can see no other way of referring to them.

First, we had to get to the first point of our long journey at 7:30 pm. My mother thought we were supposed to be there at 8:30 as usual. We also had to pick up my cousin Jo since she was helping out too.

Then, we soon found out it was a huge wastage of time. The journey to the orphanage we were going to was a two hour long drive into the jungle. After that, we found out that a bank was using this orphanage as a check point in their treasure hunt. Because of that, the boss of the orphanage didn't want us to start with our own thing. The treasure hunt didn't even have anything to do with the children. So we waited, and waited. I had brought a book so it wasn't that bad. Soon I put the book down and started drawing Jo while she drew me. We were supposed to start our sessions at 1:00-1:30pm.

We amused ourselves with the white board until about 2:30pm when the Cadbury guy asked us to ask the kids to write their names on a large cardboard so that it wouldn't go back empty. After that my mother just did one session to make it worth it. This children weren't so interested as the other groups of children we've done storytelling to so two thirds of the children left.

We packed and went on the long journey back home.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Game

Just today, we started flailing the beloved Catty and Purrz around again. A few of you might know who Catty is. I can't say whether it is a 'she' or 'he' because it is unisex. So, I shall just refer to those excellent throwers as 'it'.

Back to the game. It all started when my dear brother threw Catty around so that I could catch it. I only catch it half of the time though. That was quite a long time ago. He did it yesterday again. I don't think it was fun for him to watch me scurrying around so he invented this new game. But you never know, he just might have enjoyed watching me tire.

We stand opposite each other with a toy in our hands. These toys are NOT stuffed to the brim with polyester so it is rather easy to bet a hold on them. Then, one of us will throw our toy over to the opposite person. When it is in midair, the other person throws his/her toy over to the other person. We kept on exchanging our toys as fast as we could and soon you start swinging Catty or Purrz to the other person. You don't care how good your throw is, it only matters whether it gets to the other side. We don't try to give it easy to the opponent. I think the goal of the game is to make the person fumble until he stops working his arms furiously like a windmill while you just smash it back to your brother. Yes, it is fun to see your brother
run around.

The weakness I have about this game is that at every terrible throw I make(you might call it fantastic for my brother has to run), I start giggling hysterically. Then, giggling always leads to laughing. Then, laughing gives you a short stomach ache which only lasts for a minute.

Your own games are much more fun. You should try making your own. You don't have to make such jakunish games. After all, you might not have fun playing them. It might be wierd that I post about these simple things, but oh well, I wanted to post something.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Kick Here And There

A guy with black spandex underwear lunges on a man who wears a sleeveless black T-shirt and many chains on his worn out denim shorts. Just then, the guy with the spandex pushes the other man and himself out of the wrestling ring. The man with many chains has a splash of blood flowing down his mouth to his chin. Then, the other wrestler stumbles upon until his body is on the edge of the ring while his hand and leg hang down towards the ground.

That is just what I watched on Star World just now. To me, that is exactly what TNA wrestling is all about. My brother, who was changing the channels, thought the whole thing enjoyable. Well, he likes all these unusual things. To finish reading what happened in the fight, read on...

Then, the wrestler wearing the denim shorts gets up and shoves the other man into the middle of the ring. I dunno why, but the man with the chains didn't pounce on the man with the spandex. I thought that if one holds the other down for a number of seconds, he wins the fight. Well, don't trust me. I am no expert in TNA wrestling.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Horror, The Horror

Last night we were not in comfy soft beds. Instead, we were huddled up in a sleeping bag. Sonia, Daryl, Leila and Ethan slept in the tent while Sarah, Ron, Jian Eu and I slept on the deck. At first, I didn't have a sleeping bag so I couldn't join my brother on the deck. But then Daryl was kind enough to lend me his sleeping bag.

When I joined them on the deck, they were talking about seizures. Then, after they grew bored of that subject, they changed to chatting about DOTA. From their discussing heroes to how they did in the game, I had to say I was quite lost. After a period of silence, we started drawing on Sarah's 'bed'. It was okay to do so because there were IKEA marker pens. Sarah's 'bed' was narrow piece of newsprint stuck on the floor to keep her sleeping bag clean. We drew or wrote what we pleased and soon the piece of paper was overcrowded.

Ron was sleepy so he turned off the light. Then, Sarah told the wonderful story of how her friend sat in a dark corner and rocked like the typical women ghost you find in horror movies. Right after that Sarah needed to relieve herself so I went to the toilet with her. As we made our way back, I could see Ron's silhouette jerkily rocking at the edge of the deck. I don't know how but Sarah was persuaded to sit in the corner and start rocking on a chair. I didn't see what happened because I buried my face under Daryl's sleeping bag since Sarah has long black hair and a white, pale face. According to my brother, she scared herself out of it just as she touched the chair in the far corner, gave a little squeak and came scurrying back to our circle of heads. Oh yes, by that time, we slept in a circle and our heads barely inches away.

Then, Elliot got up and sat on the floor with his knees to his chest and his hands around his legs. His position was that of the little 'The Grudge" boy. This time we were laughing at him because he looked just like a five year old. Then, without warning, he started calling for his mother in the creepy way of that little "The Grudge" boy and the girl in "Dark Waters". This time, we were freaked out. Sarah and mainly laughed and shrieked while Ron and my brother swore abit. Elliot didn't get scared because he hasn't watched a horror movie before. About five minutes later, aunty Amy Ratos asked us not to laugh so loudly. After that, we discussed about ghosts and how they can drag you away by your legs.

Soon we settled down to shining our torchlights on the ceiling and chasing each other around. After all the torchlights were off, Brian and Kevin joined us in our sleep. We were lucky the deck didn't have many bugs. If not, we would have been lying around with insect carcasses.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Velociraptor versus Snake

Velociraptor: Jian Eu. A wet-handed boy that tries to be a Velociraptor. From trying to be one, he looks like a stiffened human prancing around. His mouth is a gaping hole that leads on for you to see a tonsil. After that, it is pitch darkness. From the mouth comes a hissing sound.

Power: Disturbing spectacled people. He flings his sodden hands to obstruct your sight. Droplet by droplet his water covers your lenses. Then, he raises his legs and swings them around like a jacoon.

Snake: Jian Lin. A cowardice girl who dodges the Velociraptor. She makes no sound-not even a hiss. But for all she does, the water will not miss the Snake. Prey to the prancing Velociraptor.

Power: Able to 'run' to away to 'the mother'. The mother is the safety den who will protect the Snake from the Velociraptor. While the Velociraptor sits down she tries to bite his neck. Wipes water off her spectacles fast enough. If the Velociraptor tries to attack, Snake runs back to the mother again.

Together they make an unequalized fight.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


As you may have read from my brother's blog, I went to Taiping to go to my grand aunt's funeral.Since we went there from Sunday to Monday, I could miss a class! Just the day before, my brother's team had their closing ceremony. At last my mother would stop hogging the computer.

At the start of the three hour long journey, my mother called the teacher to cancel class. In my art book lies a drawing waiting to be finished. I drew a new picture because I knew I was going to get a B+. It was okay because it had a bit of energy in it but it was really messy. My brother said it was fine.

If you see my brother's score sheet, nearly the whole page is flooded with A-. Only scattered here and there can you see an A. I'm not saying that his work is not good, just that this teacher only cares for neat work. That is why some people get good marks. Some people just love this class. I just watch.

Oh yes, a lot of people just go there to play catching. Some of them even lie to their mothers just so that they can play 'tag'. Some just finish their work too quickly to even care. No, I don't enjoy it, some of those people are just too annoying. They can make others cry. But those people are just so naive and 'innocent' as some call it. Two girls come to Edison, they are the two extremes I have noted. But someone has turned bad, just like the rotten orange my mother took out of the fridge. All covered in mole.

Friday, August 31, 2007


I don't have much to write about since I don't know alot. The last time I saw a Milo ad* which had the words 1957, I thought it was the year Milo was created. I'll make this a short post. Again, happy 50th anniversary.

* I can't remember how to spell ad.

Friday, August 24, 2007


I take much delight in persuading my friends to start a blog and seeing their blogs grow . Of course, everything started with me. I have convinced Sonia to start a blog. Since there were now so many people in our group who had blogs, Daryl followed. You can't find his link in some of our blogs, but you can surely see it on my blog. I hope Sonia and Daryl will become keen bloggers. The only person I need to coax other than my mother is Ron. He says he started a blog but can't remember the password.

My brother's blog started because I started this blog. He made a promise saying he will only start a blog if do. My brother thought he was never going to have blog. He made that assumption thinking that the chances of me starting a blog was very minimal. That afternoon, he was talking to Ethan. I can't remember word for word, but it was something like: I promised my sister that I would start a blog if she does - that means I wouldn't have to start a blog. He said that at an awards ceremony for a program.That phrase was very straight forward so it doesn't sound like my brother.

Oh yes, I titled this post 'blogosphere' because my brother uses it. It was his first post on his first blog. His first blog was '' but he deleted it. It was unusually fickle of him to do so. Ethan has read it. I cant remember that post at all. Maybe I didn't even read it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


C.A.T is club which stands for: Cute Adorable Things. As you can see, I am the founder of this club. Some of you might have noticed little hints about C.A.T. You can go to Elliot's blog and look at his profile. This club is mainly a cat lover's forum though many other people have been dragged into this.

The people who have reluctantly joined are Sonia, Jian Eu, Elliot, Ethan, Daryl, Sarah and Ron. All these members have badges. Some badges are a jibe but others are just a normal name. Ethan got the honour of getting the first badge made. It was my brother's idea to make badges. You can read my first post and see a picture of a C.A.T badge. C.A.T badges are handmade and drawn out by the chairman herself. You have to wear your badge every time you meet with the other C.A.T members.

The eager person who can't wait to be a member is Daniel, A lover of cats. I saw a picture of a cat on his msn. He came to know about C.A.T in the bus ride coming home from YWC. I was actually shocked to hear that he wanted to join my club.

Normal meetings are on Tuesday nights, 8:30 pm. Sadly, members don't come for the actual meetings. You don't usually come since it's in my house, which is not near to everyone. The only friends who have come are Sonia and Daryl. You can read about that on my other post. I am thinking of starting another meeting on Wednesdays since that is when we usually meet up.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The unfortunate 'Fantastic Five' were slaves. They served the 'Crown Bearers' their dinner. Master Ken was the evilest master. He really used his slave, which was sadly Ethan. Darren Nah took Darren Yip. Maybe Darren Nah took a fancy for having the same name. I don't know who the other Crown Bearers took.

Ken Ming would say Ethaaan in a really menacing voice. That voice might not be not be menacing, but it is surely irritating. Time after time Ethan would get up from his table to serve Master Ken. The things he would do, getting up from the table just to stir Ken's drink. Ethan looked so irritated he could have burst one of his pimples.

Too bad, Crystal protected Darren Yip from Master Darren. The thing is, she didn't do the same for Ethan. What thought could have passed through his head? Maybe Crystal saw that Darren Yip was very hardworking. According to Ken, the slave Darren actually asked what else he could do. I don't know whether this story is true because I did not hear it with my own ears. What a loyal slave; ready to put himself for reckless treatment. Then again, they weren't very good at that Samson game. We beat them too.

What could have happened if the Decepticons became slaves too? Would we have spent our dinner dogging around? Well, the Red Writing Hoods were especially kind. All our team members, excluding me, had to do was to shout wolf. What I had to do was just give a disgusting scream I would never have used and faint. Not really faint but lie down. The red jacket was hot, but I don't regret the penalty.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Last night, when Sonia slept over, we had a C.A.T. meeting! This meeting was different because... Daryl came! He came at 8:22 pm and the meeting started at 8:40. It is supposed to start at 8:30. Part of the delay was that my brother was printing something.

Part of the highlights was that I made them do cat paper dolls with one article of clothing. My brother's is a gypsy cat which is pierced all over the place. Sonia's was just a female cat and Daryl's, I must say, looks like a potato. When he drew the outline of his cat, it looked like a diaper. My brother drew a pair of black boots which couldn't stay on his cat for long. Sonia drew a purple dress.

The fun part. Games. We played blind man in the dark. I only got caught once. Daryl got caught most of the time. After thirty minutes, we stopped and played Armagetron. We already played with Sonia so she was more experienced. Blueyboy won quite a lot of times.
I disturbed my brother.

At last, it was time to go home.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ah, Voices and Ropes

Miss Flavia seems like a person you want to please. She seems very, very strict. I cannot picture her as my piano teacher. Ethan was landed in trouble when he started twirling his paper and making her nervous. Ethan looked so unhappy acting like a goose.

I didn't imagine her to look like that. I must have remembered wrong. She will make a nice caricature with her big sneakers, large spectacles and bob hairstyle.

The story we are going to tell is fairly short and my mom is practising now. She has just finished the part where the farmer has dug the potatoes. My brother has just complained that my mom is using a baby voice. I agree! I agree! My mom is now praising herself for her nice voice. Somehow, when you tell stories to kids like me, you change your voice. Please, be yourself. The real candidates for the storyteller is aunty Thevy or Swee Bin. It will be interesting to see their different voices.

I will not be a storyteller. I shall be an assistant though I don't really enjoy children. I have had bad experiences. If my mom becomes a storyteller I do wish she will do the rope trick right. All ways stumbling when pulling the string. Never taking the first loop out. I wish this post will make her remember to do that. Not all the males managed to do the trick right at first except Daryl, who had already done that trick. Sonia and I got the trick at the start. Tells you something.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I Am Proud To Say......


My mom is part of the denture gang! She became a member yesterday. On Tuesday, her dead tooth came out. It looked ugly because it still had a blackened, jagged bit in her gum. She was quite embarrassed to go to Amy D's class. Especially with EYAA. She nearly reached the point of not fetching us to class.

She was biting on a piece of preserved mango when it came out. Before that, her tooth felt funny. A long time ago, she was talking about not needing dentures. Her tooth now lies on one of the containers. I wonder what's going to happen to it.

Her denture looks like fungus. To pronounce its fungal like features, it only has one tooth.

When my mom came home, she complained about pain. She couldn't speak properly. She says it is like something is in your mouth. She talks normally now. She wants to do a bridge to her 'tooth'.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lizardboy, Simpson's style

'Lizardboy, lizardboy
Climbs up the wall with his sticky feet
Can he swing from a web?
No he can't he's a lizard.
Look out! He is lizardboy.'

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Harry Potter Seven

WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! If you have not read Harry Potter seven, DO NOT read this article!!

This may be a bit late, but some people still haven't read it. That is why I put that warning.

I found the first part okay, the part about the seven Potters. George's ear getting ripped out was a nice shock. My favourite part was the battle of Hogwarts.
I felt it was the most magical scene in the whole book. Kreacher's come back was a great!
I liked what he said. I was actually thinking he'd backstab them.
And of course, Harry had to be a godfather.

Unfortunately, Hedwig has to die. My brother feels sad about that too. I am quite shocked at his reaction. J.K Rowling was on a killing spree. She killed a lot of people starting from the fifth book.

I never really felt Dumbledore a bad person-even with those stories Potter boy read and heard. Aberforth was just brilliant when he chased those death eaters away. Goat lover...

All in all, I felt the book quite fresh.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Content Sigh

Four weeks ago, I got my first distinction. It was for my grade four ballet exam.

It was
ecstasy. Happiness was flooding down me. Maybe I was even relieved. I was one of the two who got a distinction. Now, I am officially grade five.

I got to go out to lunch with the whole family. We ate at this indian restaurant where they have loads of seasoned condiments waiting to be fried. I only really liked the sotong.

A Badge For Ethan!

Just now, we gave Ethan a C.A.T badge. He was practically jumping for joy!
Right away he started sporting his cardboard badge. It read:"I SUPPORT C.A.T".

It was mainly dark pink with a pink foxy looking cat in the middle.

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