Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Weee 2008

If you haven't realised, today's the last day of 2008.

Some people think Yay! A new year is coming!

While others think Oh nooo, there won't be another 2008.

I just bathed Bingo. She's supposed to be clean. Because she smelled. And...

At around this time exactly one year ago we were out somewhere looking for Bingo just because she had to get herself lost.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Red Rum.
Haha. Hahahaha. Anyway.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Jo's of to NS for another three months.

She's coming back on the 11th of March 09. The day before my brother's birthday! How sweet.

Boredom Controls

Yes, it really does. Anyway, I've decided to write a tiresome list of what I got. Meaning EVERYTHING! That I can remember.

The greatest, greatest Nike bottle! - Jian Eu & Pa

6 Versa colour/craft stampads - Misa

M&Ms blue nail polish - Jo

An Ikea lineless with line sheet journal - Chin Ee and family

A photo frame - Jean and family

Mini Toblerone



Phone case

Felt heart


Candy cane

That's all. Wow, that's quite little.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wow. It's christmas - again.

It was dull because the christmas tree didn't have lights.
Tagged by Joshua

Choose 4 Friends *Hint* You should alternate between genders *Hint*

1. Sonia
2. Ethan
3. Liesl
4. Jian Eu

1. Would you date 1? Ahahaha. No.

2. Has 2 helped you in anyway? I seriously don't know.

3. Are you close to 3? Nooooope.

4. Is 4 in a relationship? HA. HA. HA. He's too sophisticated.

5. Can 1 solve a puzzle that you can't? Yes, probably.

6.What do you and 2 have in common? Blackish spectacles.

7. Do both you and 3 do the same of anything? Crafts!

8. Would 4 date 1? That would be hilarious.

9. Would 1 date 2? More hilarious.

10. Is there anything you don't have in common with 2? Yes, loads.

11.Does both you and 3 live near each other? Quite near.

12. Would you throw 4 out a window? Of course not.

I tag Jian Eu, Sonia, Ron, Ethan

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Watched Angus!

I went to The Curve and watched Angus, thongs and perfect snogging yesterday! Ahahaha. Nearly everything you laugh at is girly. It got fresh!

It's quite nice, the story line is very, very normal but the jokes are funny. I don't really know what's with the name. It's random. The movie is probably funnier if you're a girl. But if you're not a girl, you should try to think like one while watching the movie. Angus is cute. Angus is not the guy, it's the CAT. It's a fluffy sort of movie. It's great for when you don't want to think!

It's the eve of christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Katie is...

So cute

So weird

So yellow!
What is Katie?
A yellow lama?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Lizard Gets Disturbed

I'm happy to announce my new-found fear of lizards! Probably scarier then roaches. Just now, as I was going to bake my Shrinky Dinks, there was this big, black, lizard. Okay, maybe the lizard wasn't big, but it wasn't small either. And then, it ran away under the microwave. But another lizard just HAD to come out and hide under the toaster.

I tried hitting the counter with a fork, not knowing whether I left my mark.

Of course I couldn't use the toaster now. First of all, I didn't want the chance of the lizard dashing head-first towards me. The second reason, I didn't want the smell of fried cicak.

So I waited. And waited. I did the labels, and then I put some of the gifts in the plastic packets. I got bored and did other random stuff. I think this went on for at least 45 minutes when I started to get bold and push the oven toaster. Push, jump back in terror.

I peered under the toaster. Then under the microwave. It was under the toaster. I felt the lizard run across. AT LAST. But it wasn't safe yet. Or rather I wasn't safe yet. It was on the stove.

So I baked my stuff in fear.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I went to my first TRU camp. It was okay - lah.

I think the ones before were better. That's what Ken and Jo say. The camp was pleasing and agreeable, but nothing really stood out. There wasn't really a "special" thing.

If there were three levels of niceness displayed in nods, I think it would get the third nod, meaning the second worst nod. The best nod has your head moving up and down very fast with your tail wagging. I don't think there's a camp like that. Dorothy said to wait for heaven. HA. HA. Your mouth is open and your head is moving quite slowly up and down. There's quite a wild look in your eyes. That's the second. Now, the third, how I judge this camp, eyes are calm, head is moving in rythm upwards and outwards while mouth is shut. But still you can see that the person is liking the camp. The fourth nod is simple, it just shows that you dislike something.

Sooo. I don't think there's much left to talk about camp. I don't even have photos. Everything was done in routine. Jo and I talked, and talked, and talked at night. This is a conversation.

Somebody: So you two were the ones talking at night!
We: Oh, you could hear?
Somebody: Abaden. (How do you spell it?)

Yay! We talked. The first night there really wasn't anything to "talk" about. But the third night we had this game where we asked each other "things". It was supposed to be truth or dare actually. But, only truths came out I wouldn't really even call them truths because they were more like opinions. But truths come out with opinions. Haha. Hahahahaha. The questions we asked were really weird. Sometimes.

Then there was a time where the person who scooped out rice announced for lunch that the girls were having a competition on who ate the least rice. Then at night he said it was peer pressure.

I think it was the third night, Dora smacked me with something while Jo and I were talking. It was dark, and it was a surprise, so I was shocked. I couldn't even see her face, only here black outline.

It was time to go home! It passed fast, meaning that I actually enjoyed. Wait, what am I saying? No, I don't dislike it. But it wasn't GREAT. I guess I can say I "enjoyed" it. I slept in the car. And I went home!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Youth Camp

Should I say weee? Again?

Anyway, I hope my clothes are ready! Now I'm wearing sort of like the rejects from my drawer.

And.. I have to get my Joker costume done! Its quite difficult, since I don't have purple pants.
But! My mom has this really really weird green vest with colourful circles around the place. I don't even know why she bought it.

Then, I have to find my pantsss. Long. And PURPLE. Almost impossible to find in my wad of clothes.

My face. I've got that settled. The main base, bedak sejuk! For those of you who don't really have any idea about it, it's what Simple Jack wears! My brother wears it every night. But it stinks. Because it's fermented rice. And then, borrow my mom's reddy red red lipstick.

At least I'm wearing The Joker. My brother before this and Jimmy Mackelroy(I dunno how to spell his name) kept on pushing for Camille. CAMILLE? But he wanted Jo and I to be the male-male duo in Blades of Glory. That is actually a very good idea. BUT. There's always a but. Jo hasn't even watched the movie and she's not dressing up. So. I think it's rather difficult to do the peacock costume. Not many people knew who the half Bond Girl from Quantum of Solace is. Well, she's CAMILLE.

Oh and a pack of cards. The Joker needs a pack of cards.

Yay! I'm going as a guy. I'll probably be horrid.

The camp is on Saturday. I'm in the same group as Jo, in the same devotional thing with Jo, and probably in the same dorm as her. They treat us like peas in a pod. Quite a good thing. Last time Jo was asking my cousin Sue to come. Then we could jump across the space between beds and talk and talk and talk. My cousin asked whether we thought she was a flying squirrel. I'm new, so I have a tick on my name. Noooo... Extra attention?

I'm pushing for posts. Long ones if possible.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It's going to be the 25th - again. The christmas tree is not up, and I seem to be travelling around the place. There won't really be time to put up the dusty old tree.

This Saturday is Youth Camp till Tuesday.

After that, I'm going to Taiping because my mom wants to meet her friends in Penang. My brother wants to eat Phui Yee's parent's Wan Tan Mee.

The whole week is busy except Friday which has a Care Group dinner and then the packing. And then, I have to buy some MORE presents or rather MAKE more presents. Probably I can do the making in Taiping.

Chin Ee's is a face mask. I bought whitening, but then my mom said she wanted lifting. So. I really think my mom said at first that my aunt wanted lifting.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lip Butter

I've rediscovered the secret for lips that don't hurt. Shea butter! I think you can use Vaseline. But shea butter works faster.

My dad went on a flight and they loaded him with expensive stuff. A shea butter pot, a small tube of handcream and some other stuff. Nice stuff.

But I just HAD to leave the butter pot in the car - sideways. I came back finding the car compartment sooo oily. It really was a waste.

1. My mom or was it me had to clean it up later. Oh wait, was I the one to clean it up?
2. About half of the butter dirtied the car.
3. The stuff is EXPENSIVE.
4. Now the butter in the pot is not equal. Meaning all the shea butter is only on one side of the tin. There's some on lid also.

Now I have to put it in the fridge. I tried taking it out for around an hour and it was this digusting, squashy, pudgy thing. It looks like tapioca in the fridge.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I watched Bolt yesterday! It is goooood.

I went to a sleepover with Jo, Ken, and Yang, at Jo's house and slept at 5? Or was it closer to 4:30? Anyway, it was late, the guys had slept already, but Jo and I continued to talk, whisper, snigger, laugh. YWC matchmaking. Wow.

Then I had to wake up at 9 am to go to a class. To glaze pots and so on. I came back and there was a call for me to watch Bolt! It was stressed at first since I needed to go to some Ballet class with a grumpy, brooding teacher.

I thought Bolt would be normal, but it wasn't!

The starting was just too cute. White dog puppies. Ahhh. But then the hamster is the cutest. It looks more like a ball than an animal. Mittens too. There were some really emotional parts. And the starting was nice.
Haha. Face transformation. Bolt was good.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Stress Please

Wee. I just went to YWC 08 and came out - alive! Actually I'm shocked. I didn't "do well" in the last one.

We wrote The Toilet Paper. I found the stress interesting, lovable (when in camp), and one of the best things in this YWC. Some people cracked and splattered and worked themselves up into a rage.

The Toilet Paper

Elliot - Editor.

Lydia - Assistant Editor.

Sarah Yong - The girl who borrowed my soap and sent me back to the sink in her room to get it
back. She said she even forgot who she borrowed it from. zzz.

Jia Wei - Has a 8.1 mega pixel camera. Picture bank.

Jo Fan - I borrowed his camera a lot. Picture bank. Has the kitty pictures.

Brian - Contributor of The Toilet Paper and resident artist.

Sophia - Teeny weeny feet.

Fayanadya Adipatria - Writes reviews.

Timothy - Did the Benedict article. Stepped on a cow-patty. Kaweeee.

Sieh Jin - Dodo the Frog. Frodo the Dog.

Phui Yee - Main Editor.

Me. Who lives in Brian's shadow in art. pra. Came up with the mas head of The Toilet Paper!!!

The first day was really long. The night was quite horrible but one of the best also because of the STRESS. The Toilet Paper was dying. The was only one computer to be used and that konged out.

The second day I went to snap photos of Benedict Subramaniam and the kitten. Wow. The kitty was cute. But not THAT cute. But it was cute because nearly all kittens are cute. IT DIEEDDD. Jazz killed it. The dogs are not as gentle as you think. Think about it, THE KITTEN DIED. I wrote the kitten story. At last I got the chance to jump in the pool. We watched Motorcycle Diaries. Word went around saying the actor was better than Daniel Radcliffe except his eyes were not half as touching.

Third day. I woke up realising the days were running away. The next day I was going to go home! We went to the cave where Freddie Chong spent his last few breaths. And I came out - ALIVE! My legs hurt. Ouch. Writer's Slam moved to tomorrow! Then at night suddenly I'm asked to write an article.

The slam. Not everybody spoke. Interesting. I go home to Catty.

Random notes.

I drank more Milo than water!
I love the stress!
Food was worse than last time though it got better. Or maybe I just got used to it.
Ron thinks the food is alright, but he thinks the rice is ground-breaking!
The cow-pies amazed me!
Not everyone enjoyed it.
I didn't become a fish. Meaning I swam much less.

It was great. I'll go next year - if I can.

I'm going to dig out some photos.

The Second Day of M-IFW 08

That seems really long ago. Everything blends into one another. This is probably going to be a boring post.

Going to CAD. Bust-a-Nut chose to do my lamp which my parents STOLE. I took such a long time just to do a light bulb. How could I? I was one of the last to finish. Also because I closed it before I saved it. Praaaaa

Then yay! My mom comes to pick us up to the fashion week! We ate Tesco chocolate cookies for lunch. It was actually quite nice. Then I had to change and wear my mom's evil platforms. They aren't really evil, just that I'm not used to spoiling my feet. I really, really, need to get formal shoe.

We start searching for a parking lot and then I point out a fabulous spot but my mom doesn't hear me. I forgot to tell you, Sonia and Leila came. Wee. They pile on the fun.

We go down and start ooh-ing and ahhh-ing at The Gardens. The Gardens is expensive. That's what makes it appealing. My mom kept ahh-ing at the wooden flooring in shops. "That's the floor I want."

We go up and up in escalators. Then we reached our destination to find out that it was squashed and stuffed with people. We tried to catch the show with the Bumiputra designers. Alright, no more show. My mom went downstairs and came up asking whether we wanted to skip the show and eat at Red Box since it was so cheap. We settled with NO. Well, luckily, because soon after a volunteer gave us tickets!

The show was too long. It was boring and the music was just disturbing. I wanted it to end! It ended. We ate trunch - a packet of bee-hoon and ice-lemon tea.

Weee. We caught the Albert King show. It was... great? Maybe be even more than great. It made me stare and stare and stare over and over again. All the stuff wasn't alike. And it covered my fashion ground - Evening! Wee again. What was nice was that every dress had a certain flower so it all looked alike at the same time.

We grew tired and was riding on an escalator when a woman told us the next show was totally free seating so we could get sit where we wanted. We got pink roses too. And I still have the image of a very rich woman seated with her legs open opposite us in the super VIP seats. The show we watched was by Anita Hiong or Heong or something like Hiong.

Plus we got freebies! Lipgloss from L'oreal and face mask.

Blog Lots

Yay! I did it! I managed to use the computer!

I haven't used it for six days. Amazing...

Well, I'm aiming for three posts. Today! I don't think I've done more than one post except on the first day of my blog. Come to think of it, I forgot to celebrate Essence of Dittany's birthday.

The first post will be on YWC of course.
The second on the second day of MIFW.
The third? THIS.

I might even go on a spree and do not one, not two, but three more posts! Kidding. I'll spend too much time.