Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I got the places for the MasterClass!!!!!

Oh My Goodness.


Weeeeeeee. Some girls were already in Advanced so they were encouraged to go to Level 3. So Grace and I GOT IT. Yes! Yesssssss!


Before this we thought we had the places already. And then Aunty Wai Leng called on Monday to say it was full and Grace and I weren't on the list. Then my mom and Grace's mom started calling the Singapore Dance Theatre people.

Then they just called to say we got it!

Friday, October 9, 2009


I just saw two cats on the kitchen counter.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm going to Singapore again! Because

I'm auditioning for The Royal Ballet School!


I'm thinking of only the Summer School partly because the full-time school for one year would cost the amount of my whole college education. So nope. I shall not be living in Surrey even if I DID get accepted into the school. Or maybe I should just go when I'm eighteen. OR. Get a scholarship from SOMEWHERE. Actually if you were a European citizen or something like that it would be really, really cheap. First of all, the exchange rate wouldn't be so high. Second, you can get a scholarship which pays for a lot.

Then again, I might not even get into the summer school. Of course that's what I will think if I imagine the world is out to get me. Especially since I just turned down a safe entry to a Melbourne summer school held at Ormond College. So if I really DO NOT get The Royal Ballet School's, I shall have to settle for more Singapore.

I am not going to declare that this blog is back online because I am not sure if it is. I am not used to not having a month (September) on my archive. Not blogging feels a little weird. Especially since I dislike watching a blogs die.



Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kamp Kaki Biru!

I think we did it out of boredom.
The other three people in the group kept giving each other significant looks. And going tsk tsk. Ah well. They didn't have any ideas.

The Kamp!

The Parade Ground. They follow the arrows.
For actually knowing what it is and captions, go to Sarah's blog.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wilf, Seagull and the Little Go-Go Bug

There was a dog called Wilf. He got caught by a witch which turned him into a fairy which was a tooth fairy. The witch put him in front of a fan, which was actually the real tooth fairy, which turned the dog /tooth fairy into an ice-cube. The real tooth fairy which was a fan touched Wilf and turned into a pig. Meanwhile, Wilf's real owner was looking for him in the crater of the moon. Then she found a little go-go bug, which was the real tooth fairy's cousin's friend's twice removed grand-daughter. The grand-daughter kept changing colours, and Wilf's owner saw a rainbow! Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, indigo. Wilf's owner, whose real name was Wilfs Owner, got confused and started thinking she was a go-go bug. Then she tried to call the silver star's parents who were under the sea in a hermit-crab shell. Suddenly, the ocean turned into cotton candy. The seagull dipped down and took a fluff of the cotton candy. It immediately turned into a sea weed and fell into a cotton candy sea, which instantly turned the colour of the sea weed, which was actually the seagull. The sea was a chameleon! Now, back to Wilf...

Created in English by Sarah and Jian Lin.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seeing Red


It IS quite amazing.

A little more than a year to find the right pattern.
A few months to get the yarn.
A whole year to finish one ball of yarn.
Nine days to finish the other.

Resulting in...


Here's what it looks like.

I wonder if it's a good thing. Because now, I HAVE to wear it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hand-cut Confetti

We were supposed to watch Land of the Lost, but the seats were rather horrid, so we watched The Proposal. Jo seemed as if she prefered to watch it anyway.

It's nice, just so obvious. Obvious, obvious, obvious. Sandra Bullock looks older though. I think she is. Somehow, they FIT!

All three of us, Jian Eu, Jo and I rated it in the region of 6.5. Oh, in the movie, the house is so nice! It's a change that it isn't in the city.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've been wanting to put a picture on top.

Anyway, I tried searching Les Sylphides. Hahaha. I was thinking of putting FEET as my header. I didn't really find a nice picture with a nice feet formation, so I decided to dig in my picture folder again. I cropped a picture of a curtain tie-back. I didn't really like it.

Then I decided to use this picture! It has appeared on my blog before. I posted it to show you what a hydrangea looks like for those of you who don't know what it is. I had just acquired the plant from a teacher and was all enthusiasm. I am NOT going to use a picture of my own plant (I don't even have a picture of it) as it looks like a bunch of leaves. It IS a bunch of leaves. Not very pretty. I wonder what colour the flowers will be, since I don't know what type of soil I used. THE SOIL DETERMINES THE COLOUR OF THE PETALS. Hopefully blue. Or purple.


- Sarah got a blog.

- I AM HUMOUR MASTER. I pity the girl who got GE.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm watching Harry Potter later!


Plus, there's no English class! If not, watching Harry Potter wouldn't have been possible.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Post of July

This is my first post for July! On the 18th!

I read the Princess Diaries. My brother recommended it. It's nice! She's a fourteen year old, but it's not meant for tweens. The good thing is Mia doesn't end up with Moscovitz. I mean, it's obvious that the author means them to be together, but they're not "together". Okay. Anyway. My brother and I are going to make my dad read it. I wonder what my father he'll say once he's read much. He didn't really talk much when we asked him to.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Angel painting.


- Traitor
- Superbad
- Donnie Darko
- Disturbia
- 2/3 Dark Knight

That's all. I won the first game of Catan.
We slept at seven.

Something weird happened.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Well hello!

I fell sick on Thursday. Haha. Exhaustion or something like it. If you don't know that already - everybody seems to know.

Sooooo. It was tiring. Really, really tiring. It's from 10 to six!

I really don't feel like doing a Day 1, Day 2 sort of thing. But maybe I will. I'm not sure. I can't really tell you much anyway. I wonder if I can get pictures.

Anyway, I took Ballet(you had to), Modern/Acrobatics, Ballet Repertoire, Song and Dance. Ballet Repertoire is the most tiring. We did Kitri's Variation from Don Quixote. I think I broke one of the fans.

I WANT MY BROTHER TO JOIN. It'll be hilarious. I dunno whether he'll land a special role. Haha. Like some partner or something.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


The packing is half done! Just the boring details left. Soap, bla bla bla. Those are usually what I forget.

Anyway, there was a sleepover last night! Sonia, Leila and I were on the swings, and I realised I hadn't played Crocodile for ages. Really. It used to be a weekly thing. But that was a really long time ago.

Played tennis. Hadn't played for a few weeks. Went swimming. Ended up singing. Had to wear my brother's green T-shirt thing. I forgot to bring a change to the club and I couldn't bear bathing and getting dirty again in less than a minute. Or wearing a sweaty, stinky T-shirt. So I changed. IN A TENNIS SHED. Tennis shed. I actually thought it was a toilet, since there was a sink outside. Apparently, there aren't rats inside. But I didn't ask about cockroaches.

Went back! Arranged slices of French loaf creatively in a chinese bowl. Then, we watched tennis. After it got a little tiring, Sonia, Leila and I watched Angus - again. I was watching it for the third time.

Then we watched Federer get into the finals. Wee. It ended with us watching Yes Man. It's funny! We ended up sleeping at four thirty. I HAD to get up to go to an art class since I missed this week's and will be missing the coming lesson. It was on Gouache paints. Nothing different at all. It's just like poster paints, just a little nicer. When the teacher said use it just like poster paints, I got a little nervous. I had been using it for the whole year last last year, but I didn't remember much. Add a little water. If you're running out of paint, drown it in more water. I use that trick ovver and over again. Though it doesn't really work, since the thing you're painting will just keep growing lighter and thinner gradually. Exactly what happened to my purple cloud. I missed watching a movie to paint a cloud, some sky, and part of a bird. And I've been wanting to eat fries. Ugh. I missed out on that too. FRIES. Oh wait, I did have a few, but they were from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.. I think that's the name. My mom and dad went to that place last night. I got the leftovers of some ribs. Ribs!

I finished Can You Keep A Secret! I read it in a day! I think that's a record. Now I have to set my eyes on Lionboy, which I haven't touched for a few weeks. I have one week to read it.

I'm going off tomorrow! That's really quick.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Packing Is Scary

Should I pack today?

Sleepover tomorrow.

Maybe I'm overreacting.

Maybe I'm not.

There might still be lots of time.

I have nearly the whole of Saturday plus a little of Sunday to straighten things. Hope I don't forget anything like ballet stuff. That would be plain HORRIBLE. Argh. I have a phobia. For packing. Camps especially - since I can't buy anything there. I forget my toothbrush quite a lot. Like in YWC, where I replaced it with my finger.

I really think I'm too excited.

But packing really scares me. Like DRAINS. And JABS.

At least packing for sleepovers don't worry me. Though I have to admit, it's a little annoying.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I went for the ballet competition by The Dance Society of Malaysia! To watch. I DIDN'T compete. But maybe next year. Hahaha.

Well, I think I enjoyed the costumes best. They were nice! Especially when they had they're choice variation. Somebody danced to Coldplay. There was this boy - he nearly had an overhang. Ew. But he got a consolation prize. Zzz.

It was so long! 1 pm to 7:35 pm. But I didn't get bored much. I'm not sure about my mom. Then we had dinner at Tosaya! I got so full. I somehow always take chicken and rice at a Japanese shop. Oh wait, except for the time at Sushi Groove. Where I had this beef thing with rice. Wasn't that great.

Relay for Life! I'm not going to write MUCH, but maybe a little. I came back with sore legs and arms. I don't have a clue about why my arm hurt. My legs were/are (the pain is fading) because we played tag on the blue foam thing.

I think I had more Milo this year, but somehow the Milo seemed thinner. I didn't eat a burger at all. I didn't even eat. Extremely weird. I only had a few bites from Sonia. And the mushroom soup and bread which everyone was eating.

Oh! I got a blister! I had to borrow Sonia's slippers, which are so much cushionier than the One Life ones I'm wearing. I had one from skating the day before, but it doesn't hurt.

The most memorable part was lying down on the fake grass in the football field where the national team trains. It was really nice. All I could see was the sky. Dotted with a few stars. Memorable. Yes, very. Though the black stuff stuck to my thighs. And we were talking about some stuff. More on Sonia's blog. Haha. It was really funny.

Okay! I think that's all. We played poison ball. I can't jump high - a horrible problem. But I can jump rather far.

I've restarted work on the tam. Yesss.

I leaving for Singapore on Sunday! WEE. There was this special prize for the ballet competition to go for a summer school in Melbourne for a whole week. Airfare and accommodation paid.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I don't wear a D anymore!

I've been meaning to write it down, but I haven't for the past few days. I'm not sure why.

I used to wear a D, I still do, for my pointe shoes. But for the soft ones it's a C! Weee. I was wondering why it seemed to much narrower. Then I checked and discovered it was a C!

I know my blog is really plain. But I like it a little. Maybe not so little. I've stayed contented for the past week, I think? I don't want something else, but I'm thinking of putting a picture...

Yes! This is the seventh post of May. My goal is seven posts. I didn't think I'd manage to get on the comp tomorrow of Sunday, since I'd probably sleep then. After the relay. But I might not afterall.


The Relay for Life is tomorrow!

Sonia says to meet and sit and 6pm. At the place. Though I have to go to a river first.

Anyway, today Beatrix celebrated her birthday! It wasn't a party, that's why I say celebrated.

Sooo, after lunch, Joanna and I went nuts. We said I Hi to people around Sunway Pyramid - like the last trip. The moms left us to look at some shoes in Jusco, so we were free to do anything we liked! Just that we had to keep in a group and not stray too far away from the spot. We kept on saying hi. Then it became kind of dull. So Joanna and I decided to speak in another language! The first one was sort of a disaster.

We were supposed to say konichiwa (I'm not sure how to spell it), but I ended up blurting out something like kochikiwa. So.

The second one was more of a success.

Joanna: Konichiwa!
Jian Lin: Konichiwa!
Person: *stares*

The person looked like a T-rex with slit eyes. The hands were just like a dinosaur.

Jian Lin: We said hello.
Person: *stares*

The second one was HILARIOUSSS.
I was telling Joanna to say Bonjour and stuff like that.

Joanna and I: Bonjour! (Hello)
Joanna and I: Merci et vous? (Please, what about you) I dunno why I chose that actually. Doesn't make sense.
Jian Lin: Parlez vous francais? (do you speak french)
Person: Sorry, don't understand. What are you speaking?
Jian Lin: Nous sommes parler francais! (We are speak French) Which is a rotten sentence. But it sounds good. And I wasn't thinking really straight.
Person: Are you guys really French?

At that point, both of us just said "Au revoir!" and ran off.

Joanna said Hi to a couple, and they just walked around her. Ew.

I landed Humour Master at JPS. It's a horrible job. I can't rehearse jokes and make people laugh!?

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Relay for Life is on Saturday!

Come for it!

Jian Eu and I haven't really sent in the forms. We haven't even filled them.

I dunno whether I'll last. But I probably will. Nobody tries to sleep at the Relay for Life! But I have to go for a trip to a river - water makes you tired. Especially rivers. With the current and all.

My mom and I want to go early. At six. Since then's when the cancer patients make their rounds. I think. Though my brother wants to stay back for something and follow a friend. He'll probably go to sleep in the middle, being out the whole day. We've always gone at around eight, right after ballet.

I've been pigging out on sugar biscuits and milo. Last night I had this dream of this Chinese dance teacher tsking because I was drinking coke. I'm not sure what that means.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm going for a Summer School!

Though there's still loads to sort out. But for now, I (really think) I'm going for the Summer School!!!!! Though my mom says it's going to cost a thousand two, and where are we going to stay? What are we going to do with the dog? Especially when I found a whole batch of mites on her stomach.

Actually we were looking at this CSTD thing, then my mom called the woman who was behind this Summer School I'm going for and she sounded "nice". And young and idealistic. Plus, this one's the whole day! I'm gonna come back like a dead dog.

And I need to patch up my rotty shoe. The sole is peeling off. Before I know it, the whole thing is going to rip - just like the last one, but that was because I stepped on water that dripped from the air-cond. Haha. I remember my last pair. It just went CRACKKKK, and my toe jutted out. My mother says I should PAY for my new ones. I dunno whether she means plus the ribbons. That's an additional Rm15. I don't remember how to attach the ribbons. My pointes came with the ribbons already. And a leather piece for extra hardy-ness! Though my mom still had to pay for the ribbons. Im talking about ballet shoes.


I realise my post count is slowly climbing. Yesss. And my posts are getting longer - again.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I watched Star Trek.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well, let's see, I haven't blogged for uhh... 12 days. That really isn't that bad, is it? Anyway, I watched Men In Tutus yesterday, it's AWESOME(possum). Especially the dying swan. Hehehe. We were supposed to watch it yesterday, but my mom got herself I dunno where, so by the time we reached home it was halfway through the show.

I wrote that yesterday, but I had to go for lunch. After that, I somehow couldn't get my hands on the comp.

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you is...


You don't really need to read anymore.

Alright, it wasn't as grand as it sounds.

I thought I was going to a class BY them, rather than a class WITH them. Grace and I were the only kiddos there. ARGHHH. Do you know how scary that is? When we first entered, the woman asked us to "make ourselves comfortable on the barre". Okay. BARRE. Just that the barre was nearly reaching my shoulder.

Did you read about them in the papers? I think it was yesterday. Then Victor Trevino told us where to use the barre! But I didn't know then that he was going to play the dying swan. And that he was the founder of Les Ballets Grandiva. Jian Eu says the class was for me like for him training with the young Manchester United team. But it's even better. Since people around the world don't really know the names of the young Manchester United team. At least I don't think so.

They dance en pointe. And they're males. Males don't dance en pointe. Usually. The swans were great. Oh, if you haven't guessed, they play ballerinas.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I watched Wolverine!

What's more, in Taiping. Taiping Sentral is so bustly, everybody wants to get in front of you. I don't like it. The parking place is so jammed. But at least now Taiping has a cinema. And the cinema is alright.

The movie is nice. I won't elaborate.

So gross. Deadpool* is gross. He doesn't even have a mind of his own.

Just now, I met this auntie who was the mother in law of Edmundser!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

100th Post!


I've been waiting for this!

I had a math test today! Okay, I didn't get the BEST results, but I got, maybeee 2nd or third? 32/40 = 80%. The questions were easy, just that I'm such a slow poke. So I skipped a few.

And, I got a mini strawberry chupa chup!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Looks Pretty

I saw edible flowers!

They're nice to look at.

I just wonder whether you might feel like a cow eating them.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


We have loads of chocolate. And a thinning pack of nougat.

Firstly, my aunt gave the nougat.

Then, as a treat in Ipoh, my mom got rice crispies! But somebody ate it yesterday.

After that, we got a great hamper! From Marks and Spencer! In it were two blocks of chocolate.

Last week my mom's friend came back from America and gave us Trader Joe's Concerto Batons, a thin white packet of dark chocolate, more dark chocolate, and Reese's peanut butter easter eggs!

Then somebody gave a block of German chocolate.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


First of all,


It was weird, too "intense". There aren't any funny bits. Edward doesn't seem like he can relate to humans.

A friend said that she and her friend laughed all the way through because it was horrible. Another said it's not good, too demonic.

BUT. I guess I wouldn't call it HORRIBLE. I think it's just weird. But quite bad. It's certainly not the worst movie I've watched. The worst would be Epic Movie, or one of those "movies". And, I like Alice and Jasper!

The actress sort of fits Isabella, but Edward is horrible. The worst scenes were at Biology class. They just staaaare at each other, and with a weird look.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I have come back from Ipoh!

Lot's of things happened. One thing, I conquered my fear of jumping over a drain! Hahahaha. I hate drains. I attended my uncle's funeral.

My hydrangeas nearly died from swimming in water.

I realised I missed last year's Cat Show. zzz.

I had my first French class!

AND. I heard that Coldplay came to Singapore but not Malaysia.


Jian Eu was saying to go to Archuleta* 's concert and throw tomatoes. Boiled ones. Half kidding.

Monday, March 23, 2009


My post count is going down, down, down.

I have a poem to longify. By two hours time. I don't have any ideas. From pink clouds the teacher asked me to write about cotton candy.

Then, I have to ACT out some poem. We've changed the characters around three times already. We just decided on a new idea last week. And by the time we wanted to get the actions, times up.
But the good parts!

Yesterday was Jo's birthday. Only at night my mom and I decided to make a cake. So we tried a half-new recipe. A recipe which my mom has done before, a long time ago. And so we made it. It was too thick.

The cake was bad.

Maybe that really isn't a good thing. But there is a really good thing. Jo's cat got lost, but came back again!

Then, I baked an apple cake. The next day, I baked grapes.

I Got A Hydrangea Plant!


But they are just shrubs, so don't expect anything great - yet.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I watched Marley and Me. It's okayyyy. But I love the houses. Especially the third one. The
plot is rather normal, they get married, get Marley, get kids, fight, get back together,
then Marley dies. It's still entertaining though.

Then, while going to Video Ezy at night, my dog ran into me. After that my brother got the Tropic Thunder poster! Muahahaha.

It was my brother's birthday! My present was my cake.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I watched Hot Fuzz again.


It's just as great!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's Out!

Watchmen is out! It think so. It says so in the papers.

That's really fast. I remember saying that can't wait for all the movies I wan't to watch to come out! Benjamin Button, Changeling, Watchmen. I've watched two af the already - Benjamin Button, Changeling.

Oh yes, today, at Sunway Pyramid I saw this Changeling hat. Meaning the type the woman wears in the movie. Exactly the same colour just that the flower wasn't there, instead a velvet ribbon.

And... My brother's birthday is coming out! Uh, next week I think. So let's see, I think I should get him a tam, or some hat thing. Fedora. The day before, I think Jo is getting out of the NS. She thinks it's fun! Wee... I have some hope.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bake Fit

Weee! I'm baking!

My mom claims I'm making her fat.

So... the latest one I did an hour ago is vanilla, jam in the middle and sliced almonds!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yesterday, I watched the red carpet. It's actually quite boring if you watch it without doing something else so I read something. But the worst thing was, while half watching it, I thought I was actually waiting to see the oscars. And, I thought it was live.

I was really dumb because it was 9 am in the morning and the sky there looked like four in the afternoon. Ugh. Then I started switching to other channels.

I found out they only played it on Star Movies. So next year's plan is to get the movie package for one month and after the oscars cancel it. Sixty dollars just to watch a show.

Anyway, I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Sunday! I like Daisy. Especially when she's wearing tams. I know it sounds weird, but one of my favourite parts of the movie was when they were showing pictures of her career. Haha.

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Crafty Attitude

I have a bad attitude towards crafts.

I bought four pieces of expensive scrapbooking paper and I haven't used one since.

I started on a scarf and made myself promise that I would steadily work on it. Now, it's sitting on a table in a bag untouched.

The tam! You can't really blame me on that one. I lost the needle! Though I can't wait to finish it.

That's why I have loads of craft stuff. I'll keep jumping from one thing to another!

Yarn is so beautiful.

Study closely.

This is the tam! I love it. But I have to buy a whole set of four needles just to get one. Knitting needles aren't cheap.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Another One Gone

Another lip balm spoiled. This time because of the dog.

I just left it on the table while I went out and then when I come home my mom spots it on the rug. It's punctured everywhere.

I don't think I'll use it anymore.

What a waste. Do I have to keep destroying my lip balms?

Problems with my link list are starting to appear. I don't remember which ones I've clicked.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It Was Alright

Something about my new look. The new link list is great! Because I didn't make read links a different colour, I don't feel the need or urge to click on every link to get the same colour! WEE!

Now, Taiping week. It was.. uh.. Alright I guess. The amount of ang pows collected is around the middle. Not too much, not too little. Played a lot of Wii. Now I can play Float On!

Oh yes! I finished the straw dog!

The straw dog. A long time ago when my grandmother came she did the head of a dog. Then, she asked me to bring it back. Then my cousin, my grandmother and I finished it. It's great.

Bingo went to boarding. That was a good move. She came back really calm though. Good for her!

This post seems really dull.

Every time I watch V for Vendetta I understand more of it. The first time I watched it I barely scraped the storyline. The second time I understood what was actually happening. The third time I got the part about fire and water. The fourth, I realised the 1984 Big Brother type of thing.

I realised something yesterday. The girls in my ballet class actually practice at home. Ahhh. The teacher said she could see the difference this week and last week. Our stomachs aren't strong. She can see the chinese cookies swirling inside. Hahaha. Then she asked whether there should be class on next next week. One girl said it was Valentines. Then the teacher asked whether it affected us. Hehe.

Then one part of the dance I got a mental block. I just stopped in the middle and said,"Eh, what's the next thing hah?" Then the teacher had to do her arms in the position.

I'm going to Tenji on Valentines!



At the start when Nadal broke him I got nervous. I started doing my nails. Then I realised I should just watch it anyway.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Red, Red, Red

It's Chinese New Year! Soon.

I'm leaving tomorrow! Actually my mom and dad were thinking of leaving today, but my mom said it would be tiring and my dad can't sleep in Taiping. Around three the family is going to Ipoh for the reunion dinner. I just remebered, we're going to stay the night and go back to Taiping at around 10 am for the first day.

Anyway, I had ballet in the morning so we couldn't leave today. After that there was a new primary class. The parents looked more excited than the daughters.

We will leave at six in the morning (hopefully) and then pick my aunt and two cousins. We're going to squash and cram and be stuffed into the back seat. For THREE HOURS. Haha. Five at the back.

Bingo is going to boarding! The other time when we went to Maxwell Hill she went to the same place and when she came back she kept on pooping and peeing and drinking water. Oh well. After all, she's a DOG.


Today my mom is bent on making the house red. Since "We are Chinese". She made me hang up Ang Pows on the dead and dusty pussy willow. Then she put up this stringy chinese thing. We have nice Ikea lanterns. But it doesn't seem as if she wants to hang that up.

Hopefully I'll get monies. Loads and loads of monies. And, hopefully I be dumb and lose around $70. That's a lot. Comparing to how much I collect from Chinese New Year. Maybe around 30 percent. Must go visiting.

My blog got a new look for the new year! I think I'll stay with this one. Too much changing isn't great. Fickle me. This will be the last time I'll use the internet for January. January 2009 has the third most posts of all the months since the start!

This is a great ending. Long post!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

AGES. AGEs. AGes. Ages.

I haven't cycled for AGES. So... I sort of half-crashed. Twice?

And the second time was near a really deep drain. Ahahaha.
Sooo... I'm back! I'm going back to Taiping again in a week. I might just miss the Australian Open final!

Bingo is going to be a problem. It all started when she bit my cousin for the love of food.
Now, she's known as some evil dog you don't let your child go near.
And... Bingo needs to learn to relax. She keeps on whining when she's all alone in a room and loads of people are outside. Or she keeps on barking when there's food. Though this only happens when there are more than ten people. Then there is the white fluffy dog so they get all leashed up.
Boarding is expensive. But it's a stress saver.
Weeee! Chinese New Year is coming. Though I somehow think it'll be boring.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cycle-a-ton To Burn Of The Cookies

I'm going to Taiping! In... I think less than an hour.

We're going there because my mom is raising funds for her old school. The whole thing is about riding your bicycle from the lake gardens to her falling school. It's tommorrow.

I'm coming back on Sunday. And then we're going to go back to Taiping in less than a week for Chinese New Year.

I made cookies! Half of the batch is gone already. It's supposed to be chocolate chip cookies but my mom bought raisins. So. The cookies aren't like mom's. They're really puffy and are scone-like. It's not my fault! But it's still alright.

Oh yes, I made it with the new convection oven!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Forget!

Fourteen days ago, I left my bottle at a house after a sleepover.

Four days ago, Elliot forgot to bring the bottle to the homeschool meet.

Four hours ago, Elliot brought the bottle to EYAA.

Two hours ago, I forgot to take it back and left it at the EYAA place.

Tommorrow, Sonia will bring it to CAD. I hope so. Maybe I'll forget to bring it home - again.

I forget a lot of things. Sonia and Ron remember when I cried because somebody hit me with a racket. I don't.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Follow I Will Go

Tommorrow I'm following my brother to school! No. Hahaha. I'm not going to school. NEVER.
I'm going for my dear math class. It'll be the same scenery as last week. Loads of people packed under a green roof.
I have to recheck my work. Because... There were two and forty questions and I did them all in one go last week. So I'll find some time to do it before I sleep. But I don't use the calculator. So everything's really mental.
Maybe I should just leave it be and see what happens.

Now I should be at the English class. But I'm not. Read about it on Daryl's blog.

I like beans.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


In Mont Kiara,
Feffy's Kids Spa
was spotted.
Ha. Ha.
Happy Belated Birthday Ron!
Tenji is packed.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Classes. Classes!

School (homeschool) has started.

A tiny summary of classes. The good thing is, I only have around five classes. I'm not sure about the sixth one. I think I'll stop.

1. English. Place. I realised it was a HOUSE. I thought it be the one in USJ 9. It ended up far far away in Sunway. What we actually do is alright. Only Sarah (Chin), Daryl and I went this week.

2. Math. It's at the Ace school my brother is going to. Everything is really really quite inside - except for the next door chinese class. Then, teacher Melinda ended up giving me a MALAYSIAN math book. Dull. Dull. Dull. Everything is grey. Now my mom and I are checking other books.

3. No ballet last week! Phew. The teacher is horrid. I'm hoping I can skip this week. There's the Homeschool Meet Up or something like that.

4. Voice training. Quite a lot of people turned up. I can't believe how the other parents and children sang so high. I was getting rather scared. Then it got really difficult not to laugh.

5. CAD. I'm waiting for the third semester to end. Jian Eu has gotten himself out of it by going to school. It's really boring.

6. Art class. It gets tiresome. And boring. So I'll experience the first class of the year and see how it goes. Either way, I still have to go for classes at least one more month until I can stop.

Next French will be added. This year maybe I'll go for dressmaking. Haha.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jian Eu is now an official schoolboy!


Thursday, January 1, 2009


This is the first post and first day of 2009!

I want to borrow The Shining from Video Ezy and watch it again! Just that I have to wait for my mom to come home since she wants to watch it too. Last night my brother talked about reading in wikipedia that the hotel actually Shines. And I want to see what the guy in the bear suit was actually DOING. I think it was something disturbing.

Yesterday was the day my mom and dad married eighteen years ago. And they got a microwave/mini oven.