Monday, November 26, 2007

Four Hours Away

Taiping is just four hours away. My mother was watching us just now and she said that my brother and I were just waiting off the seconds.

I have waited since 7:30 am and I' m still waiting. But somehow, it doesn't totally register in my mind that we're leaving for Kl Sentral in three hours. And, I don't feel that terrible boost of excitement I usually experience. I think I am excited. Is it such excitement that I don't even feel it?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Alot Of Waiting

My mother has to do this Cadbury storytelling thing for less fortunate children once a month. She has been doing this for this month and last, last, last month which would be August. You get money if you help out or do the presenting.

In September my brother, Ethan and Elliot did the story telling. I think it was a bad experience for them. I was the helper. You could hear chants varying from 'Oh my God', to 'Elliot, why did you have to be so terrible' and ' I will never do this again'. They were saying all this since Elliot was blundering around when he had to rehearse to the Cadbury guy. They were especially like that because the guy was hinting that he couldn't even understand why they were hired. I wanted to go since I didn't go to the first one my mother did. I also wanted to go because it was Jian Eu, Ethan and Elliot's first time.

That was a long time ago.

Last Saturday, I went on my first storytelling which had my mother as storyteller. It was terrible. The boss of Cadbury was supposed to be there. That's why the Cadbury people didn't hire Jian Eu, Ethan and Elliot. Sorry, but I can see no other way of referring to them.

First, we had to get to the first point of our long journey at 7:30 pm. My mother thought we were supposed to be there at 8:30 as usual. We also had to pick up my cousin Jo since she was helping out too.

Then, we soon found out it was a huge wastage of time. The journey to the orphanage we were going to was a two hour long drive into the jungle. After that, we found out that a bank was using this orphanage as a check point in their treasure hunt. Because of that, the boss of the orphanage didn't want us to start with our own thing. The treasure hunt didn't even have anything to do with the children. So we waited, and waited. I had brought a book so it wasn't that bad. Soon I put the book down and started drawing Jo while she drew me. We were supposed to start our sessions at 1:00-1:30pm.

We amused ourselves with the white board until about 2:30pm when the Cadbury guy asked us to ask the kids to write their names on a large cardboard so that it wouldn't go back empty. After that my mother just did one session to make it worth it. This children weren't so interested as the other groups of children we've done storytelling to so two thirds of the children left.

We packed and went on the long journey back home.