Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things, Things, Things

I am to list three things. The colours are nice.


I think you will guess this....


These aren't the best pictures.
But they serve the purpose.


There is an intruder in my backyard. It is a fat, disgusting rat.

Rats are scaring me. We used to have a rat infestation but we killed its population. VERMIN. Dirty things.

There used to be a rat which my father killed. It got stuck to a board of glue.

My brother is scared of rats. The last time a rat came in while I was folding clothes upstairs and my brother jumped onto a chair and started screaming. My dear dog is half blind and is quite dull so she didn't see a little animal scamper across ther floor. Then, a few days ago my brother was wringing the mop and the rat came towards him. He ran into the house.

Well, I'm scared of rats too. They make my skin crawl.

Those rats in the picture ARE rats, but I think they are rather cute. I think it is because they are pets. I don't want to make my blog rat infested.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Leech Bite

Actually, I thought it would be bloodier.

This is a the back of the leg. It is a rather weird position.

The pink part is the heel.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Seemingly Seamless

hmmmmm... This cat shirt of mine from Thailand seems to have no seams on both sides.

If they had cut it sideways, at least one side should have been sewn up.

It's weird. Perhaps there the shirt uses invisible thread and has had a spell cast on it not to show the lines of the cloth.

Or maybe, more magic is stored in the Cha-Cha cat than known.

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's the LEECHES!

We went to Jo and Ken's father's house in Kemaman for five days. Then, we took a drive to Taman Negara and stayed there for two nights.

The first day of the trip we went to a river. Nothing unusual happened. It rained after thirty minutes. There were fishes too.

Then the second day we went jungle trekking. We walked to the canopy, then to near the top of the hill, then to the top of the hill. Everything went fine just that I was dreading the thought of climbing back down again.

We climbed down to the place where the canopy walk was and took a trek back to the river. The sign said 1.6 KM so we thought it would be an easy stroll back to the chalets.

We walked. And walked. Probably we had passed the wall by then and was burning fat cells. Then everybody started getting scared. Something wasn't right. It looked as if we were taking a path to nowhere. Jo and I were climbing up the hill when we saw Ken and my brother. They were waiting for us and were getting leeches.

So Jo and I stopped and waited for the parents who were the slowest. The leeches were starting to attack her and she was stomping and jumping around. At last the parents called out to us to wait some more.

We walked 0n as soon as they were in sight because none of us wanted to feed the leeches. Then I spotted one on my shoe. I hit it off and started jumping like a monkey. Then we trekked on and I saw another one niggling its way onto my skin. Hit it off.

At last we caught sight of the river! The others wanted to stay for awhile but my brother wanted to get back into civilization so I followed him. We went into the hotel's restaurant to try to get some water but the woman wouldn't give water to us.

We made our way down to the jetty to get to the other side of the river and found Jo and Ken waiting for us. Then we sat down and waited for the parents. That was when I checked my feet. I couldnt find a blood spot.

Ate lunch.

We walked back to the hotel and I took my socks then shoes off when I realized a smudge of red on the side of my shoe. Then I saw a big red spot on my sock. I went and sat on my bed when I saw that I was actually putting blood on it. Then I looked in horror at my right ankle and caught sight of a huge spot of blood. Further up on my shin there was another leech bite. Jo took a picture.

When I was cleaning my shoe yesterday, I realized blood has gotten into the cracks.