Thursday, September 6, 2007

Velociraptor versus Snake

Velociraptor: Jian Eu. A wet-handed boy that tries to be a Velociraptor. From trying to be one, he looks like a stiffened human prancing around. His mouth is a gaping hole that leads on for you to see a tonsil. After that, it is pitch darkness. From the mouth comes a hissing sound.

Power: Disturbing spectacled people. He flings his sodden hands to obstruct your sight. Droplet by droplet his water covers your lenses. Then, he raises his legs and swings them around like a jacoon.

Snake: Jian Lin. A cowardice girl who dodges the Velociraptor. She makes no sound-not even a hiss. But for all she does, the water will not miss the Snake. Prey to the prancing Velociraptor.

Power: Able to 'run' to away to 'the mother'. The mother is the safety den who will protect the Snake from the Velociraptor. While the Velociraptor sits down she tries to bite his neck. Wipes water off her spectacles fast enough. If the Velociraptor tries to attack, Snake runs back to the mother again.

Together they make an unequalized fight.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


As you may have read from my brother's blog, I went to Taiping to go to my grand aunt's funeral.Since we went there from Sunday to Monday, I could miss a class! Just the day before, my brother's team had their closing ceremony. At last my mother would stop hogging the computer.

At the start of the three hour long journey, my mother called the teacher to cancel class. In my art book lies a drawing waiting to be finished. I drew a new picture because I knew I was going to get a B+. It was okay because it had a bit of energy in it but it was really messy. My brother said it was fine.

If you see my brother's score sheet, nearly the whole page is flooded with A-. Only scattered here and there can you see an A. I'm not saying that his work is not good, just that this teacher only cares for neat work. That is why some people get good marks. Some people just love this class. I just watch.

Oh yes, a lot of people just go there to play catching. Some of them even lie to their mothers just so that they can play 'tag'. Some just finish their work too quickly to even care. No, I don't enjoy it, some of those people are just too annoying. They can make others cry. But those people are just so naive and 'innocent' as some call it. Two girls come to Edison, they are the two extremes I have noted. But someone has turned bad, just like the rotten orange my mother took out of the fridge. All covered in mole.