Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This morning, I sounded weird. Now, it's nearly normal but I think it still doesn't sound correct. There seems to be a tinge of ruffledness. This conclusion has been made by myself after saying countless times of hellos to the wall.

Its the DURIAN.

Yes, I like it.
I have had a little too much of it.
It has destroyed my throat. For now.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Talking Pool

Yesterday Jo and I went to the swimming pool.

We spent at least three hours soaking in water.

We talked. Then swam when there was a talking interval. She realised it should be the other way round. Meaning that we talked when there was a swimming interval. We probably sniggered, laughed and yakked around for two hours.

Then, we realised that we were not swimming at all and that we should start swimming. To avoid swimming up and down the pool aimlessly, I decided that we should make our own route that went all around the pool.

My route. On the third round I started laughing.
Green marks the spot where I started.

Jo asked me after the first round why I was just going around in circles. I told her that was the point.

The Pulls
First, before the time where we swam round the pool, I asked Jo to pull me up from the water using my dear chin. So, after we went around in circles, I asked her to do it again. Then one thing leads to another, so I asked her to pull me up by my ears.
The sequence in which she hoisted me up

1. The chin
2. Ears
3. The right ear
4. The index finger. We both heard a loud crack.
5. The pinky
6. The hair. My head looked as if it were on a stick.
7. The big toe
8. The small toe

Actually, my brother wanted to go to play tennis with his friends so I decided to go swimming.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm going to watch Batman at nine!

I'm probably leaving in thirty minutes time. My brother needs to buy his books.
I wonder why we have to leave one hour before just to buy some note-pads.

I got twenty balls of yarn from Knit Picks on Wednesday. I only got it because my mom's friend came back from California on nine July. I know it's rather delayed. Twenty balls is a lot. At last I found a pattern for a tam which I think I can actually do.

One time I tried to do one under the supervision of the shop lady at Taipan. I tried four times and failed so I gave up. I decided to use the yarn for a cat hat for catty. Now I have just made a sweater. I made the pattern for the sweater myself.