Friday, May 30, 2008

The First Was Terrible

Fund-raising does have its good side after all other than donating money to NCS. We went to USJ 5.

The first woman Daryl asked was horrible. When he asked whether he could have a few minutes of her time, she replied with a loud "Noh". There was a H at the end of the "No".

Keep it short. The second person Daryl asked wasn't much better.

Then we walked along and saw a house with two cats in the porch. I stuck my hand through the gate and played with one.

Then we walked along some more and I found this cat. I think it is a mixed Main(e) Coon.

This is the picture that shows the most fur

This is the second one which shows the most fur
This picture the cat doesn't look very nice

That is my brother's hand!

We came home with RM 70.

The last house was great! Not only did the master of the house give RM 30, but the golden retriever was nice and smart. It doesn't wander far away. It looks peaceful and its colour is nice. Creamier.
Thank you Daryl for the pictures.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Trip To Parliament

Ive never worn a shirt before. But I had to, if not I had to wear either a phsycadalic shirt or a brown flowery shirt. Both of them were my mom's.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Okaaay. I just saw an advertisement on the McDonald's chant which rewarded you with a Big Mac. Well, my brother did it and got it. He did it in 3.89 seconds. Actually it SHOWED 3.89 seconds. I think he did it in around 3.5 seconds but the lady stopped it at nearly 3.9 seconds.

Quite a long time ago in a supermarket, I was running away from my brother. That was before the time he had started terrifying me with his jabby zipper-zaps. And so I ran. Quite a short distance actually. Then I reached my destination and tugged at my father's shirt. He was buying fruits. "Papa, Co-Co is disturbing me!!!!!!". I looked up.


I realised it WASN'T my father. I ran off. Rather like Napoleon Dynamite. At the back of me I could hear the laughing snigger of my brother.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

One Flew Over My Head

Just one minute ago a bird flew over my head and nearly smacked into the window like in cartoons. It flew over my head very loudly and tried to fly out of the window. It took a few seconds to do that because the opening was quite small. You could hear the loud patter of wings agianst the window.

I thought it was a bat.

Quite a long time ago a magpie flew into our house and into the store room. Bingo went wild and we had to hold her while we tried to dig for the bird. It did not want to come out so we had to wait for a considerably long time. If you bent down, you could see it standing on the floor where it was so difficult to get. At last it flew out.