Monday, December 17, 2007

deck the halls with boughs....

In December Christmas comes and at last I can get rid of my math.

I am most happy to say that I have finished my schoolwork a few days ago. Well, nearly all of it. We are to go to Singapore in three days time. I think it is quite settled that we are going to Singapore almost every year. I think I prefer to stay in Malysia.

Alas! My dog ran away on Saturday. But, my father found her again though he was late for his annual dinner. She, my dog, squeezed through the grill, then through the gate and was left wandering around for and hour.

As you have read in my brother's blog, we have set up the christmas tree which has given me this disturbing itch. It is filled with little ceramic angels which my mother and I have painted. And one thing I have realised is that if you have astigmatism, the lights look nicer.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Great Expectations

As you read, I was terribly excited on going to Maxwell Hill. The real trip was not one I was imagining at all.

The difference from the first trip was that Dashel came instead of Sonia, and altogether the group hiking up Maxwell would make thirteen rather than ten. Oh yes, there was an extra day in between the train arrival in Taiping and we didn't have a day free between hiking down and going to the train station. The part about going home wasn't bad. Actually, I think it was a relief.

The first day. At last we arrived at the Taiping train station after a delay. We crammed ourselves in two cars, one a taxi and the other my auntie's car. The first night, we stayed at my grandmother's house.

The second day, we were noisily awoken by Ken's singing and the voice of Ting Yang. We had to wake up at eight because my cousins wanted to go to the CC. And so, we hurriedly got up and made our way to the cyber cafe. There, we slowly let time pass for three hours before we got back into the REAL world. After that, we went back to my grandmother's house to pack our things and got to Pe-King hotel. There, we were met by Amy and her friends. We played Taboo. Soon they left and then we decided to go to the CC again. There we whiled away another two hours and and then were called by Amy to eat at a certain restaurant Prima. The group met her and her brother, James. Dinner was soon over and we spent the night at the hotel.

The next day we woke up and hiked up Maxwell. On the way up Amy sprained her ankle and Ken fell on his back. The group reached the top and decided to settle on card games.

Well, there isn't much to be talked about up in Maxwell hill, is there? Maybe just that Amy and James took a jeep down because they had no clothes. And maybe that we played Bohnanza more than the last trip and that my brother kicked somebody so that he cried and yes, I didn't fall sick this time!

We hiked down. Went to the CC again. Went home by train and slept the whole way to awake on Saturday and feeling the burden of going to class for two hours.

Let me round the whole thing up by saying that I was disappointed. This time, I was bored on the train and not at all excited by getting the top bunk. By the way, got the picture from Daniel.