Friday, May 29, 2009

I don't wear a D anymore!

I've been meaning to write it down, but I haven't for the past few days. I'm not sure why.

I used to wear a D, I still do, for my pointe shoes. But for the soft ones it's a C! Weee. I was wondering why it seemed to much narrower. Then I checked and discovered it was a C!

I know my blog is really plain. But I like it a little. Maybe not so little. I've stayed contented for the past week, I think? I don't want something else, but I'm thinking of putting a picture...

Yes! This is the seventh post of May. My goal is seven posts. I didn't think I'd manage to get on the comp tomorrow of Sunday, since I'd probably sleep then. After the relay. But I might not afterall.


The Relay for Life is tomorrow!

Sonia says to meet and sit and 6pm. At the place. Though I have to go to a river first.

Anyway, today Beatrix celebrated her birthday! It wasn't a party, that's why I say celebrated.

Sooo, after lunch, Joanna and I went nuts. We said I Hi to people around Sunway Pyramid - like the last trip. The moms left us to look at some shoes in Jusco, so we were free to do anything we liked! Just that we had to keep in a group and not stray too far away from the spot. We kept on saying hi. Then it became kind of dull. So Joanna and I decided to speak in another language! The first one was sort of a disaster.

We were supposed to say konichiwa (I'm not sure how to spell it), but I ended up blurting out something like kochikiwa. So.

The second one was more of a success.

Joanna: Konichiwa!
Jian Lin: Konichiwa!
Person: *stares*

The person looked like a T-rex with slit eyes. The hands were just like a dinosaur.

Jian Lin: We said hello.
Person: *stares*

The second one was HILARIOUSSS.
I was telling Joanna to say Bonjour and stuff like that.

Joanna and I: Bonjour! (Hello)
Joanna and I: Merci et vous? (Please, what about you) I dunno why I chose that actually. Doesn't make sense.
Jian Lin: Parlez vous francais? (do you speak french)
Person: Sorry, don't understand. What are you speaking?
Jian Lin: Nous sommes parler francais! (We are speak French) Which is a rotten sentence. But it sounds good. And I wasn't thinking really straight.
Person: Are you guys really French?

At that point, both of us just said "Au revoir!" and ran off.

Joanna said Hi to a couple, and they just walked around her. Ew.

I landed Humour Master at JPS. It's a horrible job. I can't rehearse jokes and make people laugh!?

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Relay for Life is on Saturday!

Come for it!

Jian Eu and I haven't really sent in the forms. We haven't even filled them.

I dunno whether I'll last. But I probably will. Nobody tries to sleep at the Relay for Life! But I have to go for a trip to a river - water makes you tired. Especially rivers. With the current and all.

My mom and I want to go early. At six. Since then's when the cancer patients make their rounds. I think. Though my brother wants to stay back for something and follow a friend. He'll probably go to sleep in the middle, being out the whole day. We've always gone at around eight, right after ballet.

I've been pigging out on sugar biscuits and milo. Last night I had this dream of this Chinese dance teacher tsking because I was drinking coke. I'm not sure what that means.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm going for a Summer School!

Though there's still loads to sort out. But for now, I (really think) I'm going for the Summer School!!!!! Though my mom says it's going to cost a thousand two, and where are we going to stay? What are we going to do with the dog? Especially when I found a whole batch of mites on her stomach.

Actually we were looking at this CSTD thing, then my mom called the woman who was behind this Summer School I'm going for and she sounded "nice". And young and idealistic. Plus, this one's the whole day! I'm gonna come back like a dead dog.

And I need to patch up my rotty shoe. The sole is peeling off. Before I know it, the whole thing is going to rip - just like the last one, but that was because I stepped on water that dripped from the air-cond. Haha. I remember my last pair. It just went CRACKKKK, and my toe jutted out. My mother says I should PAY for my new ones. I dunno whether she means plus the ribbons. That's an additional Rm15. I don't remember how to attach the ribbons. My pointes came with the ribbons already. And a leather piece for extra hardy-ness! Though my mom still had to pay for the ribbons. Im talking about ballet shoes.


I realise my post count is slowly climbing. Yesss. And my posts are getting longer - again.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I watched Star Trek.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well, let's see, I haven't blogged for uhh... 12 days. That really isn't that bad, is it? Anyway, I watched Men In Tutus yesterday, it's AWESOME(possum). Especially the dying swan. Hehehe. We were supposed to watch it yesterday, but my mom got herself I dunno where, so by the time we reached home it was halfway through the show.

I wrote that yesterday, but I had to go for lunch. After that, I somehow couldn't get my hands on the comp.

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you is...


You don't really need to read anymore.

Alright, it wasn't as grand as it sounds.

I thought I was going to a class BY them, rather than a class WITH them. Grace and I were the only kiddos there. ARGHHH. Do you know how scary that is? When we first entered, the woman asked us to "make ourselves comfortable on the barre". Okay. BARRE. Just that the barre was nearly reaching my shoulder.

Did you read about them in the papers? I think it was yesterday. Then Victor Trevino told us where to use the barre! But I didn't know then that he was going to play the dying swan. And that he was the founder of Les Ballets Grandiva. Jian Eu says the class was for me like for him training with the young Manchester United team. But it's even better. Since people around the world don't really know the names of the young Manchester United team. At least I don't think so.

They dance en pointe. And they're males. Males don't dance en pointe. Usually. The swans were great. Oh, if you haven't guessed, they play ballerinas.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I watched Wolverine!

What's more, in Taiping. Taiping Sentral is so bustly, everybody wants to get in front of you. I don't like it. The parking place is so jammed. But at least now Taiping has a cinema. And the cinema is alright.

The movie is nice. I won't elaborate.

So gross. Deadpool* is gross. He doesn't even have a mind of his own.

Just now, I met this auntie who was the mother in law of Edmundser!