Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Study Group

There is a study group in one of the houses in Subang. This group is new. This group just got born. The study group wants to ice-skate.

The basis of a study group is, actually, to make you smarter. Meaning this study group needs to be smarter. Also meaning that 'The Study Group' is not smart enough. Not knowledgeable enough. Needs to be brainier.

A study group is also to expose you to other new things. New things or things you want to do with people around. Meaning this study group is filled with lonely people. Also meaning this study group does not mix enough. Too secluded. Needs to be more sociable.

'The Study Group' needs to be filled with professors. 'The Study Group' needs to be filled with social butterflies. People want 'The Study Group' to change. It's suspect.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Importance of THOUGHTS

THOUGHTS are what I am giving to two of my bean plants.
One is filled with GOOD THOUGHTS.
The other is filled with BAD THOUGHTS.
The last is just THOUGHTless.

The thoughts are supposed to make a plant grow less or more. Thoughts seem to affect the plant though the bad one seems to be growing the most. The thoughtless one grows the least. It sprawls all over the place.

It could have been my fault. I turned a few of the beans so that their roots faced up. Smile!

Beans make you fart.