Monday, March 31, 2008

It's the 31st!

Today is the end of March! In exactly two months time it will be Beatrix's birthday.

Last night I went to Tony Anthony's talk with Jo, Chin Ee, my mother and father. And of course, my beloved brother. Ken did not come since he had basketball training. We all packed ourselves into one car. Well, it is kind of lucky since we would have been squashed if not squashed already. If you look at it that way.

Being John Malkovich is such a scary film. My father said it was boring when he watched it before. I know it has many layers but I don't get it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I like PPs

I like PECKAM PEARs. I think that's how you spell it. I just ate it last night after a long time.
I like them because:

1. I like green. Peckam pears are a nice green. The green has more yellow in it than blue.
It is not a green, green. They also have brown freckles on them.

2. They are soft and therefore I can eat it from the core itself without worrying that my two
large front teeth will chip away or break.

4. It has scored me many points in a game Jo thought us.

3. Pears have a nice shape. I don't like china pears*.


1. They are not green though they are yellow. I prefer green to yellow.

2. It is not shaped like the classic pear.

3. It is too big and hard to eat everything. My brother and I used to call them molecule
pears. He likes them.

4. The hit rate of them being sweet is very low. They are also very expensive.

There are also another breed which look like peckam pears. They have red splotches and are also very, very expensive.

*I don't know whether they are called "China" pears. I just know they are Asian.

After note: My brother just got his birthday present from Acma Books.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jo

Tomorrow is Jo Lynn's Birthday! The thing is, none of us are really free on Saturdays. Chin Ee says she wants to make a tea party. Just desserts.

I can play with her kittens. Now she has kittens. Now she has kittens. Now she has kittens. Not just one. The first one, Shiloh, is nearly a cat now. The other three look like they were four weeks old when I saw them last Sunday. One of the three has maggots under its leg. Kittens taken in so young by humans usually die.


These are Jo's hands.

Ken is playing with her

Monday, March 17, 2008


I just realised that Kentucky Fried Chicken is a well of oil. Maybe I didn't JUST realise it because my brother has been trying to tell me that. The last time we ate at the shop was around one year ago when my father's friend came. I just ate it three days ago.

How to see the oil:

1. Take out a part of the skin and set it aside as treasure. That's if you like the skin of course.

2. Get out abit of the meat. Make sure it is near a bone.

3. Use a fork, or your handy finger, and press!

Out will come some oil and you can see it overflow. Maybe a drumstick won't work since I used I think a chicken breast.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Watched Jumper. Again.

I didn't want to watch the Spiderwick Chronicles and the others didn't want to too. It seemed as if we had to watch a movie since it was Ting Yang's last night here. I wanted to sleepover so I followed. I watched it before with Jo because I had to use my ticket voucher.

Good news! It was better with the second watch. Though I still can't believe he backstabbed his friend, just for a girl? Noooo. Well if there is a second show, which I think there will be, I'm sure his friend would come back. My brother thinks he would join forces with his mom and they would fight a new enemy.

I don't regret the sleepover. After having to walk all the way from USJ 11 to USJ 4/3 to go to the CC. I didn't play. I waited, sat on my brother's chair since the whole first half of the time the chair beside was occupied. It IS interesting, your CC neighbours. The first one was a man who was a noob. The second was a teenager who put the speakers loud and who was tone deaf. The third is the weirdest. It was this boy about my age who looked at girls pictures on myspace and commented weird stuff.

For a 'souvenir', I got a red mark on my nose. I didn't get any scars from elastic wars.