Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Game

Just today, we started flailing the beloved Catty and Purrz around again. A few of you might know who Catty is. I can't say whether it is a 'she' or 'he' because it is unisex. So, I shall just refer to those excellent throwers as 'it'.

Back to the game. It all started when my dear brother threw Catty around so that I could catch it. I only catch it half of the time though. That was quite a long time ago. He did it yesterday again. I don't think it was fun for him to watch me scurrying around so he invented this new game. But you never know, he just might have enjoyed watching me tire.

We stand opposite each other with a toy in our hands. These toys are NOT stuffed to the brim with polyester so it is rather easy to bet a hold on them. Then, one of us will throw our toy over to the opposite person. When it is in midair, the other person throws his/her toy over to the other person. We kept on exchanging our toys as fast as we could and soon you start swinging Catty or Purrz to the other person. You don't care how good your throw is, it only matters whether it gets to the other side. We don't try to give it easy to the opponent. I think the goal of the game is to make the person fumble until he stops working his arms furiously like a windmill while you just smash it back to your brother. Yes, it is fun to see your brother
run around.

The weakness I have about this game is that at every terrible throw I make(you might call it fantastic for my brother has to run), I start giggling hysterically. Then, giggling always leads to laughing. Then, laughing gives you a short stomach ache which only lasts for a minute.

Your own games are much more fun. You should try making your own. You don't have to make such jakunish games. After all, you might not have fun playing them. It might be wierd that I post about these simple things, but oh well, I wanted to post something.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Kick Here And There

A guy with black spandex underwear lunges on a man who wears a sleeveless black T-shirt and many chains on his worn out denim shorts. Just then, the guy with the spandex pushes the other man and himself out of the wrestling ring. The man with many chains has a splash of blood flowing down his mouth to his chin. Then, the other wrestler stumbles upon until his body is on the edge of the ring while his hand and leg hang down towards the ground.

That is just what I watched on Star World just now. To me, that is exactly what TNA wrestling is all about. My brother, who was changing the channels, thought the whole thing enjoyable. Well, he likes all these unusual things. To finish reading what happened in the fight, read on...

Then, the wrestler wearing the denim shorts gets up and shoves the other man into the middle of the ring. I dunno why, but the man with the chains didn't pounce on the man with the spandex. I thought that if one holds the other down for a number of seconds, he wins the fight. Well, don't trust me. I am no expert in TNA wrestling.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Horror, The Horror

Last night we were not in comfy soft beds. Instead, we were huddled up in a sleeping bag. Sonia, Daryl, Leila and Ethan slept in the tent while Sarah, Ron, Jian Eu and I slept on the deck. At first, I didn't have a sleeping bag so I couldn't join my brother on the deck. But then Daryl was kind enough to lend me his sleeping bag.

When I joined them on the deck, they were talking about seizures. Then, after they grew bored of that subject, they changed to chatting about DOTA. From their discussing heroes to how they did in the game, I had to say I was quite lost. After a period of silence, we started drawing on Sarah's 'bed'. It was okay to do so because there were IKEA marker pens. Sarah's 'bed' was narrow piece of newsprint stuck on the floor to keep her sleeping bag clean. We drew or wrote what we pleased and soon the piece of paper was overcrowded.

Ron was sleepy so he turned off the light. Then, Sarah told the wonderful story of how her friend sat in a dark corner and rocked like the typical women ghost you find in horror movies. Right after that Sarah needed to relieve herself so I went to the toilet with her. As we made our way back, I could see Ron's silhouette jerkily rocking at the edge of the deck. I don't know how but Sarah was persuaded to sit in the corner and start rocking on a chair. I didn't see what happened because I buried my face under Daryl's sleeping bag since Sarah has long black hair and a white, pale face. According to my brother, she scared herself out of it just as she touched the chair in the far corner, gave a little squeak and came scurrying back to our circle of heads. Oh yes, by that time, we slept in a circle and our heads barely inches away.

Then, Elliot got up and sat on the floor with his knees to his chest and his hands around his legs. His position was that of the little 'The Grudge" boy. This time we were laughing at him because he looked just like a five year old. Then, without warning, he started calling for his mother in the creepy way of that little "The Grudge" boy and the girl in "Dark Waters". This time, we were freaked out. Sarah and mainly laughed and shrieked while Ron and my brother swore abit. Elliot didn't get scared because he hasn't watched a horror movie before. About five minutes later, aunty Amy Ratos asked us not to laugh so loudly. After that, we discussed about ghosts and how they can drag you away by your legs.

Soon we settled down to shining our torchlights on the ceiling and chasing each other around. After all the torchlights were off, Brian and Kevin joined us in our sleep. We were lucky the deck didn't have many bugs. If not, we would have been lying around with insect carcasses.