Monday, January 21, 2008

Snip. ARGGGHHH!!!!

Quite a long time ago I managed to persaude my brother to let me layer his hair since my mother thought that he was too furry on top. Then, when my mom had shaped the top part of hair on his head and his sides, my brother allowed my mom to allow me to cut his hair.

First, I did his right side. Then I did his left side. After that I did his top of the head. When I had finished I felt bored and started doing something to his top-right part of his head. I started snipping and found that I had just cut off a fairly large chunk of hair. Right after that I heard my brother ask what I had just snipped.

I made it up. It was okay because that part wasn't exactly done yet.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I found my dog. Well, maybe I didn't find it but she is back at home.

I realized that if you stand by the side of the street with pieces of paper in your hands people think you are salesmen and immediately shake their head. I had Jo giving out fliers on Bingo and one lady and her daughter nearly walked out on us. They didn't walk out on us because Jo shouted after them that Bingo was two days missing and the woman sent back her daughter to fetch the piece of paper. I didn't really give out fliers because I preferred to stuff fliers on cars.

Then my mom got a missed call from an unknown number and decided to call back. That was how we found where Bingo was.

When we were on our way to the Thai family who was taking care of Bingo, my mother suddenly got obsessed with doing things in "style". So we bought a Secret Recipe cake and made our way to the house.

We got there at last. Took Bingo back and gave a party. After the party we played the drinking game with whisky and I watched my brother's face turn from green, to red. Daryl was struggling too.