Monday, October 27, 2008


I joined the speech contest.

I cut my hair just below the chin.

I'm going to act as a joyful grandchild eating happily.

I got niggled at for not using up any of my 20 balls of yarn.

Weirdest Maximus!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Woodstock Is Cuddly

I remember the time I played Apples to Apples with Ju Lyn, Ju Ean and my brother. It was supposed to be 'cuddly' or 'adorable' and so I put Woodstock. It was Ju Lyn's turn to be the one to pick and the others were 'caves' and 'surfboarding'. She chose 'caves'. Because she thought I was the one to put 'caves'.

I am NOT so random as that.

I know that sometimes I can be extremely random. But seriously, I don't find caves adorable. Certainly not cuddly.

Caves are clammy, dark things that people admire because of their enormous quantities of bats and their droppings.

I also remember the time my father, my brother and I went 'spelunking' in a cave around Ipoh. We chose the dry path but there was a wet one. While you were on the dry path you could see how the wet one was. It was brown and murky and disgusting all because of the bat shit. People actually waded in it because it was exciting. Ooooo. But my dad wants to go for it. I think I will come back with a seriously serious skin decease.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't Fluuuuush

I'm scared of the flush but the flush is NOT scared of me.

There is something about that sound. You push that shiny pedal sort of thing and then at once that noisy, scary, disturbing sound spews out. I think it likes to see or hear me scurry out of the bathroom when it starts talking.

That's why I flush only when I want to get out of the toilet. After that I trot out and get as far away as I can so I need not hear it.

Different flushes make different sounds and some sounds are not so menacing. Some sounds don't make you feel as if you are going to dieee.