Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm going to Singapore again! Because

I'm auditioning for The Royal Ballet School!


I'm thinking of only the Summer School partly because the full-time school for one year would cost the amount of my whole college education. So nope. I shall not be living in Surrey even if I DID get accepted into the school. Or maybe I should just go when I'm eighteen. OR. Get a scholarship from SOMEWHERE. Actually if you were a European citizen or something like that it would be really, really cheap. First of all, the exchange rate wouldn't be so high. Second, you can get a scholarship which pays for a lot.

Then again, I might not even get into the summer school. Of course that's what I will think if I imagine the world is out to get me. Especially since I just turned down a safe entry to a Melbourne summer school held at Ormond College. So if I really DO NOT get The Royal Ballet School's, I shall have to settle for more Singapore.

I am not going to declare that this blog is back online because I am not sure if it is. I am not used to not having a month (September) on my archive. Not blogging feels a little weird. Especially since I dislike watching a blogs die.


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